Tool setter

BMD Tool setter – Reasons to purchase them


Tool setter for external preparation of tools for CNC machine tools – a method proved by its 50-year history and concurrent existence with other methods of reducing idle times of CNC machine tools.

Unquestionable advantage of this tool preparation method as compared with other methods is the fact that the CNC machining centre is running while the tools are being prepared. This means an extremely quick return of investment to the tool preparation on BMD tool setter, less than one year, without any negative impacts on quality - something which would be hardly possible with other suppliers.

Purchasing a suitable BMD tool setter will also provide other advantages, such as:

- Purchase of one device for several different CNC cutting centers = significant savings and quick economic return

- Time savings when preparing and setting tools = productivity increased by up to 15%

- High accuracy and reliability of settings = problem-free CNC cutting

- Fast reactions to customer needs

- Low maintenance expenses

- Less failed/waste products

- Maximum utilization of the advantages of the most modern CNC tools

- Highly complex visual control of a tool using two cameras

- Connection of BMD setting devices to the user's Ethernet network and direct transmission of measured data assigned to individual tools into the CNC control systems of individual centers

- BMD setting devices can cooperate with TDM systems

- Individual approach = a solution for every company

- Suitable for many types of CNC machining centers, milling cutters, lathes, turning lathes, boring machines, tool grinders

BMD tool setter are supplied with the following accessories:


CALIBRATION PROTOCOL issued by an accredited laboratory, verifying the instrument accuracy. Every BMD tool setter dispatched is provided with such a protocol.


TEST BAR – PRIMARY STANDARD, ensuring connection to national standards at tool checking and setting.


Purchasing a BMD instrument does not mean the end of our cooperation:


LOW SERVICE COSTS and prompt dealing with customer requirements are matter of fact.


Tool setters and other products


BMD a.s. develops, manufactures and assembles instruments for measuring and setting tools for CNC machine tools. Currently we are producing four series of instruments in vertical arrangement, and one in horizontal arrangement. Vertical tool setter are used especially for setting milling cutters. Instruments in horizontal arrangement are suitable for setting lathe tools. A wide range of accessories is available for each instrument.


Vertical tool setter - suitable especially to setup cutters

  • BMD_LIKA - Tool setter suitable for tool preparation in the method diameter => length => label printing. Quick, accurate, reliable. This economy series is suitable for setting tools with maximal diameter 400 mm and length 500 mm.
  • BMD 300v - Compact instrument designed to stand on a work bench. High accuracy in tool measuring with max. diameter 320 mm a length 300 mm (optional 400 mm).
  • BMD 400v - Best selling BMD tool setter. Ample software equipment and a wide range of accessories cover 95% user needs. For setting tools with maximal diameter 400 mm and length 400 mm (optional 500 mm).
  • BMD 500v - Super-accurate tool setter with an exceptionally comfortable working space. Motors in both main axes with automatic reference checking. Designed for tools with maximal diameter 500 mm (optional 650 and 800 mm) and length 500 mm (optional 650, 800 and 1,200 mm).

Horizontal tool setter - suitable especially for setting for non-rotary tools (lathes, carousels)

HORVER - New generation of tool setter with horizontal arrangement of coordinates.

  • HORVER  - Motors in both main axes with automatic reference checking. X axes range 400 mm, Z axes range 400 mm (for Z optional 700 mm).


Basic accessories include reductions for various tool types (e.g. HSK, Capto, VDI). The reductions enable to adjust tools of various CNC machine tools on one tool setter. Further, the instruments may be equipped with label printers or software modules for the transmission of measured data to the CNC machining centre control system.