Our company is not only a manufacturer of toolsetters, but also a leading partner in mechanical engineering, metal industry, assembly, and metal-working. Our workshop is equipped with the following metal-working machines:

Material dividing

A band saw; max. cross-section of a material to be divided is 250x250 mm.

Lathe - turning

Two standard lathes; max. diameter of workpieces for turning is 200 mm, max. length 1500 mm.


Two standard milling machines and vertical CNC machining centre HURCO VMX40 with 1020x510x610 travels. Specializing in machining steel and aluminum.

Flat grinding

Two grinders for grinding steel and aluminum parts up to 1200x400 mm and 100 kg, flatness up to 0.004 mm.

Round grinding

TOS BUA-25 grinding machine for grinding steel parts up to 500 mm long, 120 mm in diameter and 10 kg, with radial run-out up to 0.004 mm.

Apart from machining we offer also assembly. We have two workshops for small-scale assembly, mainly accurate compound tables.